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Electric Motors and Control Systems
Constructor Multi-Seat Licensing
Residential Wire Pro Multi-Seat Licensing
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Constructor 12 - Electrical diagram software
Constructor Viewer
Residential Wire Pro 2.0 - Electrical floor plan software DVD Electrical and PLC Training Series Electrical and Electronic Reference Posters

What do you want to do?

Constructor 12

I need to design electrical ladder diagrams, electrical schematics or control circuit diagrams with a program that is fast and easy to use

I'd like to test my ladder diagrams to make sure they will work before the actual wiring begins

I need to teach the concept of ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, ladder logic, relay logic, motor controls and print reading to others

I want to print a quality electrical diagram from my printer
Residential Wire Pro

I want to document all of the residential wiring that I do for my customers

I get a lot of competition from other electrical contractors in my area and I need something to set my business apart from the rest

I do a substantial amount of custom structured wiring work and I want to document my work for future callbacks

I need to print electrical floor plans for my customers
More information about the Constructor

More information about the Residential Wire Pro

Multimedia Training Products for:
PLC's, Print Reading,
Motor Controls and Troubleshooting

New Releases, News & Support,
Customers, Version Information

Electrical Reference Posters
30" x 20" color posters

Instructor Teaches Motor Control 101
Basic motor control and print reading

Residential Wiring 101
Learn how switches and receptacles work in your home

Multimedia training for basic to advanced PLC concepts. Why this training is better.

ControlLogix Trainer
This multimedia trainer teaches you ControlLogix

This trainer teaches you the basics of hydraulics & pneumatics

This trainer teaches you the basics of variable frequency drives

This multimedia trainer teaches you basic to advanced motor control

DVD PLC Training Series
PLC Training
DVD video series teaches all you need to know about PLCs

DVD Electrical Training Series
Electrical Training
DVD video series teaches electrical and motor control

Latest Release
8/11/14- Constructor 12.0
Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP Compatible- Our electrical ladder diagram software has many new features such as PDF export, new symbols, a free viewer for Constructor files, and more...
Latest Release
9/25/12- Residential Wire Pro 2.0
Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP Compatible- Our electrical floor plan software has many new features such as an improved wall drawing tool, new scaling features, more symbols and much more...
Only $9.95
5/29/09- Residential Wiring 101
Homeowners, this interactive multimedia software will teach you how light switches and receptacles work and how to replace a receptacle, switch or light fixture safely in a home. Save money and do it yourself.
6/25/09- Press Release
to Bundle the Constructor Software from CMH Software with the activities manual for their new textbook "Electric Motors and Control Systems" more info...
Take a look at a few of our many customers including electrical contractors, industrial firms, schools and training centers

Latest Software Versions
Constructor version: 12.0.0
Instructor version: 1.03
RWP Contractor version: 2.02
Residential Wiring 101: 1.0

Constructor Testimonial

"As a longtime instructor and author I believe The Constructor program can have a tremendously positive impact on the teaching of electric motor control systems."

Frank Petruzella

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