About Us
About Us

CMH Software is a leader in electrical design and training software. Thousands of customers use our software for their electrical needs. Since 1994, CMH Software has been giving customers around the world quality electrical design and training software.

About Us

CMH Software got started in 1992. Both Bob and Kevin worked for the Troy Asarco silver mine in the electrical department. After drawing many electrical diagrams by hand, then with Microsoft Paint, then other cad software they decided that there must be an easier way to draw, edit and print electrical ladder diagrams. Our Constructor software was born in 1994 as a DOS version. Fifteen versions later and the Constructor is still going strong thanks to you, our customers.

Key Personnel

Robert (Bob) Hosea

Bob is our President and head programmer. Some of his hobbies include hunting, fishing, hiking and photography around the beautiful NW Montana area.

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Kevin Christensen

Kevin is our Vice President, sales manager and web guru. Hobbies include woodworking, rock collecting, mountain biking, and fishing.

Sandy Hosea

Sandy is our Treasurer and is in charge of accounts payable, billing, taxes and payroll. Her hobbies include keeping Bob out of trouble and raising blueberries.

Mary Christensen

Mary takes care of our database, mail-outs and sales. Her hobbies include keeping Kevin out of trouble, gardening and volunteering at our local school.


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