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Instructor Teaches Motor Control 101

Learn Basic motor control and print reading with this multimedia software. Requires Windows 7, 8.x, or 10

Instructor Teaches Motor Control 101


This software is being updated and is not for sale at this time.

This interactive multimedia software uses pictures, sounds, animations and interactive circuits to teach you the basics of motor control. A "Certificate of Completion" may be printed on your printer if you achieve a passing score (90% or better) on the included test.


Lessons Include
Basic Motor Control - Two and Three wire
Electrical Safety - Practical electrical safety tips
Print Reading - Ladder diagrams and symbols
Introduction to PLCs


Interactive Diagrams
Eight electrical diagrams you can control and Virtually Run (See the power flow in each circuit as you interact with it).
1. Basic Conveyor Circuit
2. Basic Pump Circuit
3. Basic Overhead Door Circuit
4. Basic Jog Circuit
5. Basic Forward/Reverse Circuit
6. Basic Three Phase Power & Control Circuit
7. Basic Three Wire Motor Control Circuit
8. Basic Timer Control Circuit


Electrical Symbol Reference Chart
A reference chart of the seventy most commonly electrical symbols. Includes switches, selector switches, push buttons, contacts, power switching, circuit protection, overloads, wire connections, loads, meters, grounds, transformers, coils, motors and more...


Electrical Terms
An A-Z listing of common electrical terms and their definitions. Here is an example:

The term contactor usually refers to a large capacity relay designed to handle relatively high currents. Commonly used in motor control ciruits with an overload relay to form a motor starter.


Electrical Motor Control Abbreviations Chart
An A-Z listing of common electrical abbreviations and what they stand for. Here is an example:

CR control relay
CT current transformer
DC direct current


Ladder Diagram and OHM's Law Reference Chart
Handy charts to help you understand the basic layout of a sample ladder diagram and how to use OHM's law.

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