Residential Wire Pro FAQ's

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions about our electrical floor-plan software.

Residential Wire Pro FAQ's

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  • Can I export my diagrams and drawings and if so, which file formats do you support for export

    Yes, In version 4 you can export as a PDF, DFX, DWG, JPG, BMP, PNG, EMF, GIF, TGA or TIF. In Version 5 PDF export is much better and is the only export format.

  • Is there a guarantee with this software?

    Yes, as with all of our software there is a 30 Day money back guarantee.

  • Can I import a floor-plan from other software, if so which formats do you support

    Yes, you can import PDF files as a background image. Most users then place their symbols over the top of the floor-plan. This saves a lot of time since you don't have to draw the floor-plan.

  • I don't see all the symbols (lights, receptacles, switches, etc.) I placed in the floor-plan on the Bill of Material Report.

    Check and make sure the symbol you used has an inventory item assigned to it. We have items assigned to some symbols as a sample, but some symbols don't have an inventory item assigned to them.

  • I started with a blank project and I don't see any power (electrical) symbols.

    You must have least one circuit under "Power" that you can select before the symbols show up at the bottom of the diagram. To create a circuit click "Power" on the left side tree. Then on the right side screen click "Add a New Circuit". Add a circuit name and libraries (ALL) then select OK. Now of the left side tree under "Power" you should see your new circuit. Left click on the circuit and now you should see the electrical symbols.

    Some customers set up their circuits just like their breaker panel with lots of circuits. Others just use one circuit for everything on the diagram. This same thing applies if you want to add telephone or structured symbols to your diagram. You need at least one circuit under "Structured" on the left side tree.

Simple Help

PDF Background Help PDF Take-off Help PDF Printing Help PDF Assigning inventory to a symbol - PDF Adding Item to Database - PDF Other New Features - PDF

We will have videos out shortly on the new/improved features in the Residential Wire Pro 5, but until then, here are some simple PDF's and a FAQ that should help with some of the new features and questions.


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